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Guest Speaker - Ali Farhardi
Sunday, April 5, 2020.

li was born in a Muslim family in The Islamic Republic of Iran. Ali's family immigrated to the United States when he was a boy. Ali had dreams of becoming a wealthy Muslim and continuing Islam in his family and in the United States. He left private school and went to work on Wall St at the age of 27. His dreams were within grasp, but The LORD had different plans for Ali. Through a number of witnesses, miracles and answered prayers in the name of Jesus Christ, God saved Ali from his sins. Now brother Ali and his wife serve the Lord in a full time ministry wherever they are called.

For information: info@cherrydalebible.org​
Speaker’s Schedule (Devotion & Family Bible Hour)
Date Devotion Speaker Topic Family Bible Hour Speaker Topic
5-Jan-20 Donald C. Matthew 9 James A. Acts 9:1-31
12-Jan-20 TBD Missionary Update Chris V. Acts 9:32-10:48
19-Jan-20 Wilson M. Matthew 10 Bobby J. Acts 11
26-Jan-20 Michael R. Matthew 11 Ryan S. Acts 12
2-Feb-20 Fred Ruff Visiting Speaker Fred Ruff Visiting Speaker
9-Feb-20 Sarish M. & MU Matthew 12 James A. Acts 13-14
16-Feb-20 Ryan S. Matthew 13 Jim H. Wedding
23-Feb-20 Ricardo R. Matthew 14 Jim H. Acts 15:1-35
1-Mar-20 Wilson M. Matthew 15 Chris V. Acts 15:36-16:40
8-Mar-20 TBD Missionary Update Bobby J. Acts 17
15-Mar-20 Donald C. Matthew 16 Ryan S. Acts 18:1-22
22-Mar-20 Sarish M. Matthew 17 James A. Acts 18:23-19:41
29-Mar-20 Michael R. Matthew 18 Jim H. Acts 20
5-Apr-20 Ali Farhardi Visiting Speaker Ali Farhardi Visiting Speaker
12-Apr-20 Ryan S. & MU Matthew 19 Chris V. Acts 21:1-22:29
19-Apr-20 Wilson M. Matthew 20 Bobby J. Acts 22:30-23-35
26-Apr-20 Paul I. Matthew 21 Ryan S. Acts 24
3-May-20 Ricardo R. Matthew 22 James A. Acts 25-26
10-May-20 TBD Missionary Update Jim H. Acts 27-28
Meeting Adjustment
Sunday, February 20, 2020.

Due to an out of town wedding, several families will be away.  We will be having only our first two meeting and ending at 11:00.  The third meeting will be canceled. 

For information: info@cherrydalebible.org​