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1905 North Monroe Street
Arlington, VA 22207
About Us
History of CBC
Cherrydale Bible Church originated in the mid-1950s from a home Bible study group that previously met with a congregation in southeast Washington, DC. Led by Colin Heath, Warren Lane, and George Grimm, the group moved into Tuckahoe School in North Arlington and took the name “Cherrydale Community Chapel.” In 1958, they purchased the building at 1905 North Monroe Street from the Cherrydale United Methodist Church. In 1980, the church changed its name to “Cherrydale Bible Chapel” and later “Cherrydale Bible Church.” In 1963, Cherrydale recognized elders to lead the congregation, which through the years have included Bill Barr, Donald Tinder, Dale Knowles, Claude Poole, Edward W. Payne, Excell Duncan, Conrad Tolosa, Torrey LaBuff, Donald LaRocque, Bill Price, Daniel Rodriguez, and presently Jim Helmly.

Today, Cherrydale Bible Church is a diverse and thriving congregation with opportunities for people of all ages to get involved. Cherrydale is also committed to having an active presence in the Cherrydale community and neighborhood through outreach activities and service projects.